Unkissed Bride

Title – Unkissed Bride (1966) (also known as Mother Goose A-Go-Go) Genre -- Comedy Starring – Tommy Kirk, Anne Helm, Barbara McNair, Jacques Bergerac Rated – R

Synopsis: Newlyweds Ted (Walt Disney alum Tommy Kirk) and Margie (Anne Helm) go on their highly anticipated honeymoon at the bride’s Uncle Jacques’ hotel. The young couple is nervous about the prospect of having sex, so Margie picks up a copy of Mother Goose and begins reading out loud. This causes Ted to faint dead away. Baffled by Ted’s reaction to the nursery rhymes and his resulting inability to consummate the marriage, they seek the help of psychiatrist Dr. Marilyn Richards. She concludes that Ted has a "Mother Goose complex" and treats him with an LSD spray while he sleeps. This causes him to hallucinate and confuse reality with fairy tales. If Ted doesn’t snap out of it, there will be no need to read “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” any time soon!

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