The Blob Merchandise

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Our designs are released on a monthly basis and some of the merchandise will be available while supplies last. Take advantage of never before seen merchandise by joining our mailing list. We announce our designs to our subscribers prior to public launch!

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'The Blob' Poster Tee
$ 40.00 USD
The Blob (1958) Movie Poster
$ 25.00 USD
Retro Blob Sweatshirt
$ 56.00 USD
Retro Blob Tee
$ 40.00 USD
The Blob Movie Tee
$ 40.00 USD
The 'Splat' Hat
$ 34.00 USD
Beware Bucket Hat
$ 34.00 USD
Beware Tee
$ 40.00 USD
TV Takeover Tee
$ 45.00 USD
'Smile, The Blob is Here' Tee
$ 40.00 USD
'Smile, The Blob is Here' Cap
$ 34.00 USD

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