Star Slammer

Title – Star Slammer (1986) Genre – Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action Starring – John Carradine, Aldo Ray, Sandy Brooke, Suzy Stokey Rated – R

Synopsis - Untamed, Uncaged, Unleashed in Space! Set in the future on the planet of Arous,  Taura is a voluptuous crystal miner who fights with Bantor, a corrupt government official, to keep him from stealing her ore. Bantor has her unlawfully committed to the female prison ship, Star Slammer, where a cellblock of women awaits her arrival – each plotting a special torture to inflict upon the tantalizing heroine.  Proving herself a worthy opponent, Taura emerges with the respect of her fellow inmates and then leads them in a daring prison break. Taura faces new danger at every turn as she must outwit the sex-starved warden, out-tough the tyrannical trustee, outlive mutant jagger rats and alien monsters and lead her small army into a space war that could result in either escape or final doom for all.  Can beauty outwit brawn in a lawless world of the future?  Visually stunning, this sci-fi adventure is jam-packed with action and stunning special effects. It’s a slam-dunk that it will keep you on the edge of your seat every second.

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