Master of Horror

Title – Master of Horror (1965) Genre –Horror / Thriller Starring – Narcisco Ibanez Menta, Ines Moreno Rated – NR

Synopsis: Two of Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpieces are integrated into this unforgettable thriller. In the first story, “The Strange Case of Mr. Valdemar,” Dr. Ekstrom, a dedicated physician and expert hypnotist, learns that his friend Valdemar has just a few months to live. Ekstrom believes he can keep Valdemar alive and hypnotizes him just prior to his death. Eventually, Ekstrom brings Valdemar out of his hypnotic state with horrific results. In the second tale, “The Cask of Amontillado,” Maurice, a young singer, descends upon the village of Burgundy.  He performs to the delight of middle-aged vineyard owner, Samivet, and his pretty, restless wife, Teresa.  Samivet is more concerned with his winery than he is with his young wife, so it’s no surprise when Teresa and Maurice become romantically involved. When Samivet learns of this, he hatches a devious plot to get his revenge on the young lovers. The climax is a thriller that will turn your dreams into screams!

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